Everipedia (IQ) Price Prediction 2021 – Will IQ Hit $0.04 soon?

Everipedia has been around since 2014, and has become one of the most popular Blockchain-based social networks in the world. Recently, the IQ token has been experiencing tremendous value growth, even though there are still some doubts surrounding the project’s future profitability.

Everipedia is a Wikipedia-like platform which was launched in 2017. Everipedia is one of the most successful crowdfunded projects so far, raising $30 million in 10 months. Everipedia’s network is built on the Ethereum blockchain, which is the most popular blockchain out there.  Everipedia  has different  features than Wikipedia, which is its main competitor.  Everipedia  claims  to be  more decentralized  than Wikipedia.  The  platform  is divided into  sectors  such as  business,  education,  science,  social,  health,  lifestyle,  etc.  Ever

Everipedia is a decentralized encyclopedia that anyone can edit. And since the website is run by the community, it features a unique system that allows for different users to contribute to the same article, allowing for more accurate information. It also contains a unique voting system that determines which articles are prioritized for content.

  • Price predictions for Everipedia IQ that are bullish vary from $0.01 to $0.02.
  • The price of IQ may potentially reach $0.04 in the near future.
  • For 2021, the IQ pessimistic market price forecast is $0.005.

We utilize statistics, price analysis, RSI, and other information about IQ to evaluate the cryptocurrency’s future movement in Everipedia (IQ) price forecast 2021.

Everipedia is a decentralized knowledge base and decentralized finance (DeFi) platform including a prediction market, a money market, and a synthetic belonging system. The Everipedia token IQ is used to power all apps and to manage the system.

At the time of writing, the IQ price was trading at $0.008822, with a 24-hour trading volume of $15,919,973, according to CoinGecko. In the past 24 hours, however, IQ has dropped by 13.67 percent.

Furthermore, there are 10.01 billion IQ in circulation. IQ now trades on Binance, OKEx, Upbit, Bitfinex, and Hoo, among other cryptocurrency exchanges.

Price Prediction for Everipedia IQ in 2021

Everipedia (IQ) is currently ranked 161st on CoinGecko. With a daily tie frame, Everipedia IQ price forecast 2021 is described below.

Daily Time Frame IQ/USDT Price Chart (Source: TradingView)

A channel trend pattern may be seen in the chart above. When displayed on a price chart, this pattern is made up of two parallel lines that, when combined, resemble a channel. Bullish Price Channel refers to a price channel that moves in an upward manner. When it is pointing downward, it is referred to as a Bearish Price Channel.

If the price of the IQ breaks through the resistance level of $0.025, it will hit the goal of $0.038 on the daily time frame chart. Otherwise, if the IQ price breaks through the $0.0072 support level, it will fall to the next support level at $0.0056. As a result, the IQ trend is predicated on the breakout.

Levels of IQ Support and Resistance

The chart below depicts IQ’s support and resistance levels.

Everipedia (IQ) Price Prediction 2021 – Will IQ Hit $0.04 soon?Support and Resistance Levels for IQ/USDT (Source: TradingView)

The following are the resistance and support levels of IQ, as seen in the aforementioned daily time periods.

  • $0.01082 is the first level of resistance.
  • Level 2 Resistance – $0.01513
  • $0.02020 is the third level of resistance.
  • $0.02536 is the fourth level of resistance.
  • Level 1 Support – $0.00727
  • Level 2 Support – $0.00567

The data indicates that IQ coin has been trending upwards over the last month. If the current trend continues, IQ may catch up with the bulls and break over its resistance level at $0.01082.

In the event that investors turn against cryptocurrency, the price of IQ may fall to almost $0.0056, indicating a negative indication.

Average Directional Index (IQ) of Everipedia (ADX)

Let’s take a look at KEY’s average directional index (ADX). The Average Directional Index (ADX) is a tool that helps crypto traders determine the strength of a trend rather than its actual direction. It may be used to see whether the market is shifting or if a new trend is starting. It contains the ADX line and is linked to the Directional Movement Index (DMI).

The oscillator has a range of 0 to 100. A high number indicates a strong trend, while a low value indicates a weak trend. It is often used in conjunction with directional indicators.

The ADX of IQ remains above the range of 26 in the charts above, indicating a strong trend. A significant price reversal may occur shortly.


The IQ is one of the cryptos that has managed to hold its footing in a negative market. Our long-term IQ price forecast for 2021 is also positive. This year, it has a good chance of surpassing its current all-time high of $0.072. However, this can only happen if it overcomes a number of previous psychological barriers.

Furthermore, the IQ ecosystem may have a bright future ahead of it in 2021, thanks to continuous improvements and enhancements. It may soon reach $0.03 and even higher levels, but it is more likely to hit $0.04 if investors believe IQ is a solid investment in 2021.

Disclaimer: The views stated in this graph are entirely those of the author. It should not be construed as investment advice. Before investing, TheNewsCrypto staff advises everyone to conduct their own research.

Everipedia (IQ) has recently exploded in price. Everipedia (IQ) is a new upcoming cryptocurrency that will change the face of the internet as we know it. The Everipedia platform will operate as a new Wikipedia-like encyclopedia. The platform will be forked from Everipedia.com, the world’s first encyclopedia built by a community of volunteers. Everipedia. Read more about everipedia coin price prediction 2022 and let us know what you think.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Everipedia go up?

I am not sure, but it is possible.

How much is Everipedia worth?

Everipedia is worth $0.00

Can Apenft reach $1?

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