Dollar Forex Market Starts New Year Strongly

The dollar has been showing a strong performance in the foreign exchange market for the year. This is despite it suffering from downward pressure on international currency markets as investors seek safe havens after Brexit. The euro and British pound are among those that have shown less robust performances so far this year, but analysts expect them to recover, too.,

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Dollar Forex Market Starts New Year Strongly


  • Other currencies are under pressure as a result of the dollar’s strength.
  • Later today, the US PMIs will be scrutinized.
  • Stocks are expected to continue their upward trend.

The USD FX market began the New Year with a strong performance on the first trading day, which has continued into Tuesday. For the Dollar, which has exhibited minimal decline in recent months, 2022 has begun similarly to 2021. Strong increases in US government rates aided the Dollar’s rise, which has persisted as traders await the release of US PMI data later in the day. Markets on Wall Street finished at fresh all-time highs Wednesday, signaling a hopeful outlook for the New Year. 

The euro falls as the dollar strengthens.

In the last days of 2021, the Euro and the Pound both experienced a rare positive run. This aided the common currency in particular in rising far beyond the 1.13 level, which it had not seen in a long time. Other currencies have fallen somewhat as a result of renewed Dollar strength, and the Euro is presently stabilizing around the 1.13 level early in the European trading period. On Monday, sterling halted a three-day winning streak and is trading at 1.345. 

Both are under pressure from the ongoing Omicron variant cases as well as a suddenly stronger US Dollar. The 10-year Treasury yield in the United States increased substantially on Monday, boosting the safe-haven Dollar. After a recent battle to break out, this benchmark yield is currently over 1.6 percent. 

The focus shifts to US PMIs.

Those who trade the Dollar and other major currencies in forex are now looking forward to the first significant data release of the New Year. This is the ISM Manufacturing PMI, and it has the potential to cause market volatility for the first time since the turn of the year. These figures are coming early on Tuesday and will provide a decent sense of the economy’s current state. 

The results are largely expected to show a decline, according to analysts. The headline figure is expected to drop to 60.2, which is still comfortably inside the economy’s growth range. Inflation and employment are both anticipated to decline. This might provide us a clue about the NFP employment data, which will be released at the end of the week. 

On Wall Street, the year is off to a strong start.

To begin the week, forex brokers have been busy, but stock traders have also been active. The S&P500 and Dow Jones indexes both set new highs on their first trading day of the year. This brings the S&P 500 to a strong finish last week and significant gains in 2021, with the S&P up 27% for the year.

Although the futures market is trading quietly ahead of PMIs, traders will be hoping for bigger increases. Along with the JOLTS report and the November Job Openings Survey, which will also be released, these might give direction for the day. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is January a good month to trade forex?

A: The answer is – yes.

What is the best time to trade forex?

A: The best time to trade forex would be during a low volatility period.

How do you find the strongest forex trend?

A: To find the strongest forex trend, you must first do your research and see which currency is in demand. You can then look to see if that currency has a positive or negative value as well as how long its been trending up or down. Next, you should figure out what time of day these trends are happening at so that youre best able to trade effectively during those times. Lastly, decide on whether there will be an overnight change in price before deciding when the moment to enter is going to be best for your strategy.

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