Cardano reveals the extent of progress on its plans to digitally connect Zanzibar

Cardano, the blockchain platform aiming to improve financial inclusion and fight fraud with smart contracts, announced that it has developed a new form of electronic ID cards for residents in Zanzibar. The first phase is an e-ID card which will function as a digital wallet, able to store information such as health records or educational certificates.

Cardano has revealed the extent of progress on its plans to digitally connect Zanzibar. The project is currently taking place in two phases, with phase one being completed and phase two set to be released in 2020.

In collaboration with World Mobile, Cardano developers IOHK have created a video detailing their aspirations to link the Tanzanian archipelago of Zanzibar.

During the Cardano Africa Special in late April, news of a partnership with the Tanzanian government surfaced. As the movie shows, a lot has happened since then in terms of expanding the internet infrastructure and moving ahead with Cardano’s role in delivering digital IDs.

The video was taken during IOHK’s African trip, which started in late October. It depicts the deployment’s progress as well as how people are reacting to the initiative.


Cardano and World Mobile have teamed together to alter the world.

While most individuals in the West have no problem paying bills or arranging credit through the internet, this is not the case for the world’s 2 billion unbanked.

According to World Mobile, 66% of Sub-Saharan Africans do not have a bank account because to costs, inconvenient branch locations, and a lack of faith in conventional financial institutions.

World Mobile intends to remedy this by developing the first blockchain internet, which comprises a network of communication towers, in order to improve financial inclusion for everyone. Cardano plays a part in this by resolving the problem of digital identification.

Atala Prism is a Cardano-based decentralized identity solution that allows users to securely communicate with entities to verify digital records without the need for a third party. This includes banking and finance, as well as other applications such as medical records and voting systems.

According to Hoskinson, the whole globe is up for grabs.

IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson told a class of schoolchildren during the tour that the world is changing and that the way things used to be done is now “up for grabs.” Furthermore, he said that this would not be done at the request of superpowers, but rather by citizens from all over the world.

“The truth is that everything is now up for grabs.” The whole world is being rebuilt, not by America, Europe, or China, but by everyone together, regardless of where they come from…”

The Zanzibar trip, according to World Mobile, was a terrific experience from which they will take feedback points to include into their current plans. The journey also allowed them to strengthen their relationships with IOHK and witness firsthand the government’s benevolence, according to Mickey Watkins, the company’s CEO.

“You’re going to see widespread adoption of telecoms, you’re going to see IO install digital IDs, and you’re going to witness a new world in the next six to twelve months.”

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The “cardano tanzania” is a cryptocurrency that has been going through some changes. Cardano has revealed the extent of progress on its plans to digitally connect Zanzibar.

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