Bitpanda taps former JP Morgan exec to lead fully-regulated crypto exchange

Bitpanda has launched a fully-regulated crypto exchange in Switzerland, tapping former JP Morgan exec Daniel Liedke to lead the new operation.

The “j.p. morgan bitcoin fund” is a new cryptocurrency exchange that was founded by former JP Morgan execs. The company has been fully regulated in the European Union and Switzerland.


Another typical financial executive has joined the bitcoin world. Bitpanda, a Europe-based cryptocurrency trading platform, revealed that Joshua Barraclough, a former JP Morgan executive, has joined its ranks as the CEO of its fully-regulated digital asset exchange Bitpanda Pro, two months after financing $263 million. 

Barraclough worked at JP Morgan as the global head of the fintech team and subsequently as the co-head of digital innovation before making the switch to crypto. In response to queries from Cointelegraph regarding the shift, Barraclough noted that leaving JP Morgan to join Bitpanda was a simple choice.

“I’ve always been on the cutting edge of innovation, and my role at JP Morgan was to develop innovative firms that challenged and transformed conventional finance,” he said, adding:

“Right now, the crypto ecosystem is the most fascinating component of it, with its tremendous rate of development and adoption growth. Building on my previous expertise, we intend to further bridge the gap between digital assets and conventional finance.”

Barraclough emphasized the soaring acceptance of cryptocurrency and the influx of new institutional capital. “This surge of institutional investment has shown the viability of Bitcoin (BTC) as a safe store of value and inflation hedge, untouched by many of the regulatory concerns that plagued the last bull run,” he stated.

He also mentioned the growing popularity of alternative Layer 1 protocols like Solana and Avalanche, as well as novel DeFi applications. “Investors are treating cryptocurrencies in the same way they handle equities and ETFs, far from being the meme-fueled bet that many still see them as,” he said.

“Bitcoin is a $1 trillion asset that has attracted the attention of the world’s most powerful investors, who have allocated major chunks of their portfolios to the currency. It’s a definite indicator that an investment is here to stay when JPMorgan and Blackrock are taking it seriously.”

Cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity as the first investing asset for younger digital natives, according to Barraclough, and “acts as a doorway to additional financial education, generating wealth via a diverse portfolio.”

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Bitpanda is well-known for selling digitalized representations of precious metals including gold, silver, and platinum. Bitpanda Pro, an enhanced and EU-wide regulated version of the main platform, has yet to get this portfolio. The exchange is “actively looking at supplying even more conventional assets other than gold and silver, leveraging blockchain technology and tokenization to achieve this,” according to Barraclough.

Bitpanda has raised $263 million in a Series C financing headed by Valar Ventures, raising its total market capitalization to $4.1 billion. The firm then stated that it will utilize the extra money to grow into new markets in France, Spain, Italy, and Portugal, in addition to new hiring.

The “jp morgan crypto trading desk” is a new fully-regulated cryptocurrency exchange that will trade in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. The company has been founded by former JP Morgan execs.

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